Today Calendar app

Your entire week at a glance.

Do you find it hard to get an overview of your week with the standard iPhone calendar?
'Today' gives an overview of your week, with your days intelligently summarized so you're not overloaded with information.
As inspired by Minimal Mac and Marco Arment.

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"Great app. Works well. No issues at all" - K400i

"This app is perfect simple to set up and simple to use. Thanks guys." - Mick

"Simple. Straightfoward. Easy." - Sean1959

Your week, at a glance

Because you care more about today's events than next week's, your events are summarized intelligently, with today's events in great detail, then events from tomorrow and the day after in less detail, then an overview of events in the following week. This is so that everything can be seen at a glance, fit on your screen, and to avoid information overload.


- Fully integrates with your existing data in the built-in iPhone calendar.
- Clutter-free at-a-glance view of your entire week.
- Detailed view of the current day.
- Tomorrow and the day after are lightly summarized, with tap-for-detail functionality.
- Condensed preview of the coming week’s jobs and events.
- Events automatically drop off as the week passes.
- Three font sizes.


This app was lovingly created by Chris Hulbert from Splinter Software, in Sydney. I really hope you find it useful!

If you’ve got any questions or problems or suggestions, please get in touch: [email protected].

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